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Complete Phone System at Unbelievable Value

Create multi-level menus, unlimited call minutes, business hours, music-on-hold, dial by name, outbound dialer, conference rooms, forwarding, voicemail transcriptions, click to call, and more.

Interactive Visual Builder

Build out simple-to-complete call flows using the visual drag-and-drop designer for a no-code solution to streamline your business' communications and outreach.

Integrate with CRMs and Telephone Providers

Choose or bring your own provider, connect with popular CRMs and databases, and utilize REST API for powerful call flows.

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Robust Virtual PBX Phone System Solution for Business

Achieve unprecedented growth by taking full ownership of your business' communications with advanced IVR menus, dialing features, and more with PBXPlus.

IVR System

IVR System

Forward Calls to Appropriate Extensions

Build out a comprehensive list of menu options to let your callers choose and get routed to wherever they need. Increase customer satisfaction.

Learn more about IVR System

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Redirect Your Incoming Calls

Divert any amount of incoming calls to designated phone numbers by adding the corresponding numbers of agents for a better customer experience.

Learn more about Call Forwarding

Call Flow Automation

Call Flow Automation

Manage Call Flows Efficiently

Easily create customized call flows based on your business' individual requirements with an intuitive drag-and-drop visual builder. No coding required.

Learn more about Call Flow Automation

Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual Phone Numbers

Add and Assign Virtual Phone Numbers

Get phone numbers from 40+ countries. Assign call flows for execution when callers dial the numbers. Increase your global outreach and impact.

Learn more about Virtual Phone Numbers

Business Voicemails

Business Voicemails

Manage Voicemails with Ease

Have users listen or download all voicemails received by callers. Use the option to forward messages to email addresses as an attachment.

Learn more about Business Voicemails

Text to Speech

Text to Speech

Convert Text into Voice

Easily turn text into a voice output to aid in enhanced customer management. Customize with different voices and languages to appeal to your target audiences.

Learn more about Text to Speech

Call Analytics

Call Analytics

Get Detailed and Real-Time Analytics

Receive real-time metrics, such as total inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, and average call time. Check reports based on date ranges for effective management.

Learn more about Call Analytics

Dial By Name

Dial By Name

Identifies names by mentioning the first three letters

Virtual PBX phone system identifies names by mentioning the first three letters or you can select the list of names from the directory and simply call them without any delays.

Learn more about Dial By Name

Click2Call – Web Widget

Click2Call – Web Widget

Provide a subscriber number and a caller number.

Web widget allows you to provide a subscriber number and a caller number. Initiate two calls at once and boost the calling efforts that virtual PBX provides. Trigger the calls instantly and reduce the long call waiting for queues.

Learn more about Click2Call – Web Widget

Call Conferencing

Call Conferencing

Connect with your teams from anywhere. Making collaboration simplified through the virtual phone systems.

Best conferencing solution is here to connect with your teams from anywhere. Making collaboration simplified through the virtual phone systems to fasten up business communications.

Learn more about Call Conferencing

Outbound Dialing

Outbound Dialing

Take Full Control of Outbound Dialer

Make calls go beyond by making calls with outbound dialer equipped with necessary features like voicemails, call forwarding, and more.

Learn more about Outbound Dialing

Voicemail Transcription

Voicemail Transcription

Convert Voicemail Messages into Text Format

Transcribe the voicemails automatically into text messages to generate readable text for your customers. Eliminate storage spaces through voicemail transcription.

Learn more about Voicemail Transcription

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How to Improve Call Center Efficiency?

Improving call center efficiency in a business is a great way to satisfy and retain customers. But you can't improve on something you don't know the level yet. Therefore, you have to measure the efficiency of your business call center, and this task will be stressful, slow, and expensive if your business does not already use a virtual phone number on a virtual PBX software. Then, have your call center agent review users' feedback and satisfaction rates and highlight the areas that require improvement.

How to Improve Call Automation for B2C Industries?

Call automation requires the use of tools called call automation software or contact automation tools. These tools have been developed to perform the call-related tasks which used to be manually done by humans.

Top 9 Compelling Features of Virtual PBX Software

A Virtual PBX software increases communication within an organization. these are the features you need to look out for before selecting PBX software for your business

10 Points to Remenber While Choosing a Virtual PBX

There are many Virtual PBX out there, each featuring one unique tool or the other; selecting the right one for your business becomes a tedious task. This article is meant to serve as a guide to assist you in making the most suitable cloud PBX for your brand.

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What is PBX System?

Integrated business phone system that businesses use to communicate with each other in the organization.

How PBXPlus Features Help Your Business?

VoIP and enterprise cloud telephony systems can be used to host PBXs, making it easier for business leaders to access advanced functionality and reduce the operating costs of older PBXs. As cloud-based technology shifts costs, your business can upgrade to cloud PBXs to save money.

What is Virtual PBX System?

Virtual PBX software is a phenomenon used for PBX systems that are hosted on the cloud and don’t require physical space and resources for deployment, maintenance, and upgradation.

Why Virtual Number System is Important for Any Business?

Virtual phone numbers keep you connected and current in today's marketplaces without requiring a significant financial investment. All of these options are accessible when you use a virtual number for your business.

What are the Different Types of PBX Systems?

The virtual PBX phone system has evolved and grown rapidly over the past few years. No wonder, every medium and large enterprise is starting to leverage the power of PBX.

Who Should Use Virtual PBX System?

There’s a diversified range of businesses that use virtual PBX software. In a nutshell, considering its benefits and flexibility, virtual PBX software is the first choice for small and medium enterprises. No wonder, PBX software is becoming more and more popular in the start-up culture.

What are the Benefits of Using Virtual PBX System?

A cloud-based PBX system solution is a new concept which businesses are adopting at a faster rate. It’s important to understand the massive benefits that virtual PBX software offers and how effective they are when it comes to growing your customer service further.

How to Use An IVR System To Improve Your Business Operations?

While IVR is just one of the many types of digital tools you can use to make your mark in the industry, there's no denying that the IVR system can help businesses of all sizes.

What is IP PBX Software?

IP PBX software is a phone system that uses the Internet to connect calls. It's a cost-effective and scalable alternative to on-premise hardware, and it can be used for businesses of all sizes.

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