Business Voicemails

for better engaging and calling experience

Receive, send, store, and manage business voicemails instantly when you sign up for a virtual phone number with PBXPlus. Welcome customers with recorded voicemails.

Business Voicemails

Customize your Business Voicemails with Individual Voice Mailboxes

Play welcoming voicemails when customers reach you. Thus, improve customer experience and engagement

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record voicemails

Record Voicemails

Always keep your recorded business voicemails with you. Integrated with outbound dialer to help your agents play it whenever needed.

voicemail management

Voicemail Management

Store, edit, and manage all media pieces in one place. See in grid or list view and listen to the voicemail you need at any time.

call transcripts

Call Transcripts

Voicemail or call transcriptions are text versions of voicemail messages that are useful if you want to keep a record of important messages or if you prefer to read them.

voicemail transcripts

Voicemail Transcripts

Voicemails are converted into text through the process of voicemail transcription. A voicemail is listened to by a voice-to-text translator. It makes an effort to write down the spoken words in a readable style.

What is Business Voicemail?

Voicemail is a recording of your callers' voices that is delivered directly to your phone. When you can’t answer a call, voicemail gives the caller the option of leaving a message for you. You can listen to and manage voicemails using Google Voice or G Suite Voicemail. Voicemail is a message that is left by a caller for a recipient to listen to later. Within the context of telephone services, voicemail is a method of allowing someone who has called in but has been unable to connect, to leave a message. The recipient can call in and listen to any messages from when they have last checked their system or when they set up their voicemail the first time. Voicemail systems are often set up with several different mailboxes for recipients in an office or other organization so that each person can be assigned a specific mailbox.

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