Voicemail Transcription

for quick conversion of messages

Convert the voicemail messages into text format and send them to the callers via messages or emails through which handling the multiple callers at the same time is simplified.

Voicemail Transcription

Access your Voicemail Transcriptions in your Phone System

Use PBX phone system using the transcription where voice-to-text conversion happens in an instant

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search and filter

Search and Filter

Use the search options to find the required voicemails or filter them based on the date and time. The options available are made simple for the agents to maintain the complete cycle of the virtual phone system.

eliminate prompts

Eliminate Prompts

Direct your calls without the need for multiple menu option selection. The number of prompts can be eliminated with which the caller feels distracted thereby maintaining the feasibility of direct interaction.

easy translation

Easy Translation

Faster way of translating voice to text with perfect synchronization is possible now. Create as many translations as needed based on your business requirements. Simplify voice-to-text translation with the help of virtual PBX software.

codeless conversion

Codeless Conversion

Convert voicemails into text without any code using our calling system. All the efforts to boost conversations are designed with custom options. Take the advantage of codeless scenarios to engage more customers instantly.

What is Voicemail Transcription?

Voicemail Transcription is the process of converting an audio recording of a voicemail into written text. Voicemail Transcription can be quite tricky because it requires the transcriber to listen to the voicemail and type in what they hear. This means that transcribers must have excellent listening skills and fast typing skills in order to keep up with the recording.

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