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Enhance Customer Experience with PBXPlus

  • Automate call processes to provide superior experience.

  • Be reachable with unlimited extensions and call forwarding.

  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing numbers and systems.

  • Get insightful call analytics to make smart decisions.

virtual pbx

IVR System

Create menu options, direct your calls to the right party and initiate communication with customers with a personalized greeting while offering a category of menus to select the desired query.

ivr system
predefined flows

Predefined Flows

Design a menu option or trigger a response from the callers' end, use a predefined flow mechanism using IVR.



Design a custom flow for your business using the powerful IVR system to create a responsive menu option for your customers.

segmentation of calls

Segmentation of Calls

Make the segmentation of calls more useful for callers, multi-level IVR menus can be created new customers, existing customers, choice of language, connection request to agent and so on.

easy call routing

Easy Call Routing

Allow easy set-up call flows and connects multiple numbers in a virtual extension. You can set up your own rules and make changes when needed.

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Call Forwarding

Direct incoming calls from one number or device to another to ensure no customer is left unattended. Organize the forwarding schedules based on the agents' availability and business hours.

call forwarding
parallel ringing

Parallel Ringing

Forward calls to the next available agent through hunting or simultaneous ringing.

automated recording

Automated Recording

Record all your calls automatically so that you can keep record of all customer feedback and use that appropriately.

multiple forwarding

Multiple Forwarding

Forward calls to multiple agents at the same with simultaneous ringing.

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Call Flow Automation

Create customized call flows based on your business requirements with a drag and drop visual builder.

call flow automation
visual designer

Visual Designer

Use the intuitive flow builder to create automated flows and save them to use anytime.

multiple ivr trees

Multiple IVR Trees

Guide your customers by providing appropriate options and improve user experience.

business hours filter

Business Hours Filter

Filter out calls during and outside your business hours timings and understand if you need to change your routing plans based on your call volumes.

play audio

Play Audio

Media allows users to upload MP3 files or users can choose an existing file in the steps to play for the callers when an inbound call is made.

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Virtual Phone Numbers

Pick calls from 48+ countries and assigns call flows for execution as soon as a number is a dial and reach your customers at every time they call. Serve your customers globally.

virtual phone numbers
number management

Number Management

Access all your numbers at one place to use them anytime you need. Add, delete, or edit numbers according to your preferred choice.

integrate new numbers

Integrate New Numbers

Buy new phone numbers anytime and call across the globe with no extra charge.

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Business Voicemails

Allow users to receive audio messages when they are unavailable to answer calls. Listen and download all voicemails received with an option to forward messages as emails.

business voicemails
record voicemails

Record Voicemails

Record voice messages for various events and situations and store them to use it anytime you need.

voicemail management

Voicemail Management

Save or re-record voicemails anytime you need with advance voicemail management features by PBXPlus.

call transcripts

Call Transcripts

Transcriptions of calls or voicemail messages are text versions of voicemail messages that are useful if you want to keep a record of important messages or if you prefer to read your voicemail messages.

voicemail transcripts

Voicemail Transcripts

The process of voicemail transcription involves turning voicemails into text. An automated voice-to-text converter listens to voicemails. The spoken words are attempted to be recorded in a readable manner.

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Customize the voice output as per your preferred demographics by converting text into a voice. Choose the language in which you would like your PBX greeting and menu options spoken with TTS.

reach worldwide

Reach Worldwide

Help businesses in expanding their presence and reaching customers in new markets and customizable TTS voices can help you reach people from across the world.

multi-language support

Multi-language Support

Select the desired output language you need for the text to convert into voice.

custom integration

Custom Integration

Integrate everything into any environment. Find goals and deliver perfect voice messages to phones or emails with PBX software.

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Call Analytics

Receive real-time metrics, such as total inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, and average call time. Easily track your call flows and sort it by the time period and download the reports in just one click.

call analytics
call reports

Call Reports

See how your call flows are performing and generate in-depth details to make data driven decisions.

regular call logs

Regular Call Logs

Log all your calls to share the transcript at any time with your customer for important conversations or keep a record with you.

call tracking

Call Tracking

Track all calls so that you understand user behavior and make decisions accordingly.

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Dial by Name

Ensure that your callers can connect to your employees quickly and easily. Employees can customize their personal directory entry by entering their own names.

dial by name
connect to agent

Connect to Agent

In real-time, you can communicate with a customer service representative using the connect to agent feature.

quickly talk to businesses

Quickly Talk to Businesses

The messaging feature lets you quickly contact businesses in your area and receive a response; it's a great way to get information from businesses in your area.

simplified communication

Simplified Communication

Simplify your business communication with the people who matter most by utilizing the complete functionalities of PBXplus.

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Click2Call – Web Widget

Allow you to click on a phone number in either your contacts list or call log without having to dial it. Manage your call average handling time by using a web widget where the feature is to reduce long call waiting for queues.

click2call – web widget
call from desktop

Call From Desktop

The outbound call feature allows you to call the number in your call log directly.

call back

Call Back

Another way to put it is that it's a request for someone to repeat an action.

schedule call back

Schedule Call Back

Clients can schedule a callback from a customer service representative at a time that is convenient for them using the schedule call back feature.

Find out more about Click2Call – Web Widget

Call Conferencing

Allow you to talk to multiple people in one call, increasing employee efficiency and productivity. Setup is simple, and the system integration makes it easy to use. Creating a custom password and adding a bridge to a conference makes it simple.

call conferencing
increase efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Boost employee productivity and efficiency by switching one-to-one calls to conferencing.

conference call activity

Conference Call Activity

Measure the number of hours spent on each conference calls, track history, and monitor at any time.

integrated conferencing

Integrated Conferencing

Collaborate with the people who matter to your business by integrating audio while handling conference calls.

Find out more about Call Conferencing

Outbound Dialing

Make outbound calls with confidence with an in-built outbound dialer and robust tools that make reaching out to customers easier.

outbound dialing
get call information

Get Call Information

Instantly get call the relevant calling information in real-time such as call duration, caller ID, and much more.

play hold music

Play Hold Music

Play an engaging music while keeping customers on hold to increase customer engagement.

forward calls

Forward Calls

Forward calls at anytime to any team member at the speed of light.

add calls

Add Calls

Add multiple calls in the same flow so that you can provide assistance faster.

Find out more about Outbound Dialing

Voicemail Transcription

Convert voicemails into texts by enabling transcription. Receive emails automatically when a voicemail is received. Detailed transcripts will be included in the email notification.

voicemail transcription
search and filter

Search and Filter

Search voicemails from the huge list or filter them by date, day, or time. Translate them into text format without any hassle.

eliminate prompts

Eliminate Prompts

Eliminate the prompts by providing simple menu options rather than distracting the callers’ interest with a huge number of prompts.

easy translation

Easy Translation

Synchronize with the voicemail while converting and translates as many voicemails into text formats to engage the customers.

codeless conversion

Codeless Conversion

Engage more using the codeless functionalities that our PBX system provides. No code is needed to boost conversations and customizable options are available.

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