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Enhance Customer Experience with PBXPlus

  • Automate call processes to provide superior experience.

  • Be reachable with unlimited extensions and call forwarding.

  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing numbers and systems.

  • Get insightful call analytics to make smart decisions.

virtual pbx

IVR System

Make menu options customer-friendly by developing an input-friendly IVR system to handle customer queries effectively. Design custom flows to drive actions based on the menu options selected by the callers.

ivr system
predefined flows

Predefined Flows

To design a menu option or trigger a response from the callers' end, use a predefined flow mechanism using IVR.



Design a custom flow for your business using the powerful IVR system to create a responsive menu option for your customers.

segmentation of calls

Segmentation of Calls

Make the segmentation of calls more useful for callers, multi-level IVR menus can be created new customers, existing customers, choice of language, connection request to agent and so on.

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Call Forwarding

Configure the call flow to allow for automatic forwarding so that employees can spend their time on building long-lasting customer relationships.

call forwarding
parallel & round robin

Parallel & Round Robin

Forward calls to the next available agent through hunting or simultaneous ringing.

automated recording

Automated Recording

Record all your calls automatically so that you can keep record of all customer feedback and use that appropriately

multiple forwarding

Multiple Forwarding

Forward calls to multiple agents at the same with simultaneous ringing.

call whisper

Call Whisper

Provide an overview of the call source details so that agents can decide to handle calls professionally by understanding the needs of customers.

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Call Flow Automation

Create customized call flows based on your business requirements with a drag and drop visual builder.

call flow automation
visual designer

Visual Designer

Use the intuitive flow builder to create automated flows and save them to use anytime.

multiple ivr trees

Multiple IVR Trees

Guide your customers by providing appropriate options and improve user experience.

business hours filter

Business Hours Filter

Filter out calls during and outside your business hours timings and understand if you need to change your routing plans based on your call volumes.

play audio

Play Audio

Media allows users to upload MP3 files or users can choose an existing file in the steps to play for the callers when an inbound call is made.

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Virtual Phone Numbers

Add new numbers, change call flows and use existing numbers so your customers are sure to reach you each and every time they call.

virtual phone numbers
number management

Number Management

Access all your numbers at one place to use them anytime you need. Add, delete, or edit numbers according to your preferred choice.

integrate new numbers

Integrate New Numbers

Buy new phone numbers anytime and call across the globe with no extra charge.

Find out more about Virtual Phone Numbers

Business Voicemails

Play welcoming voicemails when customers reach you. Thus, improve customer experience and engagement.

business voicemails
record voicemails

Record Voicemails

Record voice messages for various events and situations and store them to use it anytime you need.

voicemail management

Voicemail Management

Save or re-record voicemails anytime you need with advance voicemail management features by PBX+.

Find out more about Business Voicemails

Text to Speech

Virtual PBX system has multiple options to accelerate your business and one of them is instantly converting voice into text format.

text to speech
reach worldwide

Reach Worldwide

Ready-to-send voice messages into text format can be done with a text-to-speech conversion option in second

multi-language support

Multi-language Support

Select the desired output language you need for the text to convert into voice.

custom integration

Custom Integration

Integrate everything into any environment. Find goals and deliver perfect voice messages to phones or emails with PBX software.

Find out more about Text to Speech

Call Analytics

Easily track your call flows to help drive revenue through improved call processes and menu options. Analyze each step the customer takes during calls to determine what options entice your customers whenever they contact your business.

call analytics
call reports

Call Reports

See how your call flows are performing and generate in-depth details to make data driven decisions

regular call logs

Regular Call Logs

Log all your calls to share the transcript at any time with your customer for important conversations or keep a record with you.

call tracking

Call Tracking

Track all calls so that you understand user behavior and make decisions accordingly.

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Dial By Name

Add a personalized approach to find required names in a single go. Quick identification of names is handy now with the virtual phone system.

dial by name
name identification

Name Identification

Identify names existing in your contact lists at any time by typing the first three letters.

create tags

Create Tags

Filter the names needed with tag creation. For the existing contact lists, create tags to connect with customers instantly.

simplified communication

Simplified Communication

Simplify your business communication with the people who matter most by utilizing the complete functionalities of PBXplus.

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Click2Call – Web Widget

Handle a subscriber call and a caller at the same time using a web widget where the feature is to reduce long call waiting for queues.

click2call – web widget
increased conversation

Increased Conversation

Deliver the right information and engage customers more for increased conversations.

dynamic call routing

Dynamic Call Routing

Chooses the dynamic path to route the calls when lines go busy and directs the call to the available agents with virtual phone system.

lead generation

Lead Generation

Make website visitors into potential customers by changing your lead generation game using virtual PBX software.

Find out more about Click2Call – Web Widget

Call Conferencing

Create an ultimate calling experience by taking the advantage of call conferencing that PBX provides. Connect with multiple customers at one time saving time and effort.

call conferencing
increase efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Boost employee productivity and efficiency by switching one-to-one calls to conferencing.

conference call activity

Conference Call Activity

Measure the number of hours spent on each conference calls, track history, and monitor at any time.

integrated conferencing

Integrated Conferencing

Collaborate with the people who matter to your business by integrating audio and video while handling conference calls.

Find out more about Call Conferencing

Outbound Dialing

Make outbound calls with confidence with in-built outbound dialer and robust tools that make reaching out to customers easier.

outbound dialing
get call information

Get Call Information

Instantly get call the relevant calling information in real-time such as call duration, caller ID, and much more.

play hold music

Play Hold Music

Play an engaging music while keeping customers on hold to increase customer engagement.

forward calls

Forward Calls

Forward calls at anytime to any team member at the speed of light.

add calls

Add Calls

Add multiple calls in the same flow so that you can provide assistance faster.

Find out more about Outbound Dialing

Voicemail Transcription

Transcribe voicemails and send text messages to your customers. Keep engaging them in the form of the latest updates about your business. Owning a virtual PBX software makes everything that you need for business.

voicemail transcription
search & filter

Search & Filter

Search voicemails from the huge list or filter them by date, day, or time. Translate them into text format without any hassle.

eliminate prompts

Eliminate Prompts

Eliminate the prompts by providing simple menu options rather than distracting the callers’ interest with a huge number of prompts.

easy translation

Easy Translation

Synchronize with the voicemail while converting and translates as many voicemails into text formats to engage the customers.

codeless conversion

Codeless Conversion

Engage more using the codeless functionalities that our PBX system provides. No code is needed to boost conversations and customizable options are available.

Find out more about Voicemail Transcription

Virtual PBX

Integrate all the information of customers that you have in existing CRM into virtual phone system in one click.

virtual pbx
crm integration

CRM Integration

Integrate a call flow with your CRM and complete information on who is calling.

call handling

Call Handling

Advanced call handling capabilities will help ensure you are able to manage your calls and handle customer calls more efficiently.

click to call

Click to Call

Embed the code into any website to connect with callers directly from the website.

Find out more about Virtual PBX

Call Management

Get details about the caller information, location history, and their needs. Record them to provide the right solution they need and manage all these activities using a compelling phone system

call management
call history

Call History

Track calls and get every detailed information of the caller without any hassle

record calls

Record Calls

Record and playback the calls to improve caller experience in one go

Find out more about Call Management


Make your calling operations simple with the help of the auto-attendant feature that virtual PBX offers. Let your employees focus on the most productive tasks as the call system goes automated.

create welcoming messages

Create Welcoming Messages

Engage your customers with the warming welcome messages to tune them for more time when you receive, forward, or hold the call.

auto responsiveness

Auto Responsiveness

Need for human efforts is eliminated to route the calls between the customers. Let the phone system give the automated response for the incoming calls.

call routing

Call Routing

Divert as many incoming calls as possible within the calling system as automated routing feature lessens human efforts.

Find out more about Auto-Attendant

Call Recording

Call recording for businesses helps in tracking the callers and their demographic data to understand their needs and provide business solutions as per their requirements.

call recording
track numbers

Track Numbers

Track the incoming numbers and get an overview of the number such as location, address, state, and other information in an instant.

record conference calls

Record Conference Calls

Multi-level conferencing offers unlimited support to have business communication effectively.

personalize recordings

Personalize Recordings

Add a personalized approach via calls using call recording. Make your calling process better by creating warming welcome messages or having conversations matching the expectations of the customer. Simplified recording in an enhanced phone system.

Find out more about Call Recording

Call Hunting

Create an escalation matrix, divide the calls according to the priorities, and answer them to resolve customer queries. Reduce waiting times by identifying the most crucial call that needs to be engaged and has a larger scope for your business.

call hunting
call escalation matrixes

Call Escalation Matrixes

Make the call handling simple by prioritizing the calls using escalation matrices. Identify which call to take first with the help of PBX.

hunt groups

Hunt Groups

Route all the incoming calls to a particular phone number and let the available agents take up them to answer customer queries.

round robin hunting

Round Robin Hunting

Boost the way of answering the calls by simply answering the next call at being the first available agent.

most-idle hunting

Most-idle Hunting

Let the phone system identify the idlest agent first to assign the inbound calls.

Find out more about Call Hunting

PBX Browser Extension

Get the chrome extension of virtual PBX to make calling operations happen simple and straight without investing in another virtual phone system kind of environment.

pbx browser extension


Automate most of your calling operations to obtain 100% calling efficiency by integrating a virtual phone system into your browser.

one-click implementation

One-click Implementation

Integrate complete PBX system in one click as browser extension comes with utmost simplification.



Carry out seamless calling operations from call routing to IVR enablement by initiating single-step actions.

Find out more about PBX Browser Extension

Toll Free Numbers

Become the most trusted business by connecting with your customers existing within a country. Get toll free numbers and simplify your reach to the customers in the simplest way with the help of a virtual phone system.

toll free numbers
country-wide presence

Country-wide Presence

Create your business fame at the country-level and enhance support operations with 1800-type toll free numbers.



Earn the trust of your customers in the country as toll free numbers create the ultimate security for your business.

enhanced business communication

Enhanced Business Communication

Meet the needs of your customers at any time. Connect from one place to enhance business communication.

Find out more about Toll Free Numbers

Local Numbers

Enable local numbers to earn the trust of the individuals in particular regions or spaces. Let your customers or partners entrust you to avail most of the business solutions that you offer.

local numbers
sales enrichment

Sales Enrichment

Accelerate your sales pipeline across the locations by localizing your business with a local number.

localized brand building

Localized Brand Building

Build the brand in an area where local numbers can be used. Answer queries from one location using local numbers.

location-based support

Location-based Support

Build a supportive environment for the local customers and have hassle-free communication with them to understand their needs.

Find out more about Local Numbers

Global Support

Make your callers connect you from anywhere in the world using a virtual PBX system. Grow your business limitlessly, handle call operations seamlessly, and provide global support relentlessly.

global support
reach worldwide

Reach Worldwide

Let your customers reach you from anywhere at any time as worldwide support is what PBX provides.

seamless connectivity

Seamless Connectivity

Globalize your business and boost sales to improve communication worldwide.

one place monitoring

One Place Monitoring

Effortless call handling by connecting with any of the global customers using virtual PBX software.

Find out more about Global Support

Business Hours Routing

Automatically detect calls and leave a voice message for the upcoming calls once it exceeds your business hours. Schedule working hours in your PBX environment and monitor calls to meet the desired customer needs.

business hours routing
manage inbound calls

Manage Inbound Calls

Create a custom voice message for the customers who approach beyond the defined business hours.

acd system

ACD System

Set business hours within PBX software or simply route the calls to an available agent using the ACD system that imbibed into our software.

call queueing & distribution

Call Queueing & Distribution

Skip the long waiting queues and distribute the incoming calls to the agents automatically during business hours.

Find out more about Business Hours Routing


Use PBXPlus standard web browser for calling over the internet, and you can use it from any location. Streamline agent activities and manage customer calls more efficiently.



Integrates with desk phones and other devices on your phone system with WebPhone.

manage phone extensions

Manage Phone Extensions

Set your WebPhone to automatically record all calls with a single click.



Convenient shortcuts to redial the last number you called or jump straight to your voicemail box.

Find out more about WebPhone

REST Integration

Use it to retrieve and update information from your own account, or to integrate data into your own product. It's completely up to you and your custom use case by selecting method type.

rest integration
more efficiency

More Efficiency

Make your team work faster with call automation. Set up REST API and boost productivity with minimal effort.

improves user experience

Improves User Experience

Create the best user experience possible to make your business more popular by providing all possible solutions to your customers.

increase productivity

Increase Productivity

Provide service so convenient and proactive to customers, it will save a lot of time for your customers and make your current employee’s work easier.

Find out more about REST Integration

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