What is a VoIP Phone and How Does it Work?

VoIP Phone is a cost-effective and convenient way to make phone calls. Find out how VoIP works and the benefits it offers.


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What Makes the Best Business Phone System?

You’ve heard of VoIP phones, and you’re wondering whether this phone is different from the traditional phone you’ve been using to make and receive calls. Well, don’t beat yourself up just because you haven’t used a VoIP phone. There is not a lot of difference compared to the conventional phone you’ve used. In fact, at first glance, these phones look alike. Some even have the same features. However, there are specific differences that make VoIP phones unique. This post will help you understand more about these modern VoIP phones.

What is VoIP Phone?

Voice over Internet Protocol, often abbreviated as VoIP, refers to specific standards meant to facilitate voice phone calls over the internet. In other words, VoIP allows your company to make calls over the internet.

VoIP Phone

The functioning behind VoIP is that voice messages are converted into digital signals. They are then compressed and sent via the internet. So, instead of working with a telephone company to help you facilitate calls to and from your end-users, VoIP allows you to rely on a VoIP service provider. The provider here bridges the gap between call participants. From the receiving end, once calls are received, the compressed digital messages are uncompressed and delivered in a way your end-users understand.

People and businesses prefer using VoIP because they eliminate the need for telephone services. This helps to cut costs that would have been incurred. You don’t need any hardware installed to facilitate communication with your internet connection. All you need is VoIP compatible phones or VoIP apps.

VoIP Phone Systems for Businesses

The ease of setup of VoIP allows businesses to use this system to meet their communication needs. The most important thing here is to have a stable internet connection. If you already have internet installed on your business premises, you are ready to start using PBXPlus, a virtual PBX solution.

VoIP Phone System for businesses

Businesses can take advantage of the convenience and reliability that VoIP pbx system offer. Besides cutting on cost, using VoIP also gives you a more efficient way of reaching your customers or communicating within your company’s premises. These are just but a few of the reasons why VoIP phone services have outpaced traditional phone systems.

If you’re already using PBX, nothing prevents you from using VoIP technology. The idea of using hosted VoIP brings in the idea of the pbx system. In this case, VoIP can be used when you want to host your pbx system. It makes it easier for your company to leverage the advanced call functionalities of the system.

Top VoIP Phone Features

We’ve stressed a lot that VoIP phones can indeed transform communication in your business. Apart from helping you to cut costs, other useful features that should lure you to invest in these systems include:

Unlimited calling

VoIP allows you to make unlimited calls at no cost depending on your region. This saves you a lot of money you would have used on alternative phone networks.

Call queues

Your customers will love the idea of call waiting. You can queue calls to ensure you don’t miss any opportunity to serve your customer, especially when your lines are busy.

VoIP Phone Features

Conference lines

You can also make conference calls to a specific number of people. This is a helpful feature when collaborating with a few people from your organization.


Auto-attendant is a feature that greets your customers and routes them to available agents. This is another wonderful feature that improves your overall customer service experience.


VoIP also comes with a feature where you can have your voicemails delivered to your email accounts. You can then respond to these messages through email.


VoIP phones are different from old phone systems, especially concerning how they facilitate call communication over the internet. Making and receiving calls over the internet is perhaps the main aspect of VoIP that should motivate you to use these business phone system. You end up spending less to make and receive calls in your company. Your clients will prefer this way of communicating since they find it convenient and affordable. When selecting the best VoIP system, ensure you aim to work with a reputable vendor.

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