Smart Call Forwarding

for smoother calling experience

Route incoming calls directly with our software by specifying which users should receive calls and also get the ability to send calls to multiple phones.

Smart Call Forwarding

Forward Calls to Any Device with Call Forwarding

Allow your agents to forward and answer calls from anywhere and anytime with advanced call forwarding

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parallel ringing

Parallel Ringing

Provide businesses with the option to redirect incoming calls to all agents at once. As soon as an agent answers the call, the other phones automatically stop ringing.

automated recording

Automated Recording

Allow all your forwarded calls to be recorded with customers consent to use it for serving enhanced customer support and build meaningful relationships.

multiple forwarding

Multiple Forwarding

Allow your calls to be forwarded to multiple users simultaneously or in a round-robin process with parallel call forwarding.

What is Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding is a service offered by many telephone carriers, which allows customers to forward calls from one number to one or more other numbers. This can be done either by dialing codes on the phone or over the Internet. Call forwarding may also refer to call transfer, in which case it is not limited to landlines and can include mobile phones as well. Call forwarding is a service that automatically forwards your incoming calls to another number, usually your cell phone. The call forwarding service enables you to change the settings on how and when your calls are forwarded. You can pick up all of your calls, forward them to voicemail or send them directly to another number without answering the call. Learn more about How To Forward Incoming Calls

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