IVR System

to create multi-level interactive menus

Serve your customers better through intelligent IVR. Streamline your call flow and reduce the time to contact.

IVR System

Improve First Call Resolution

Set flows that define IVR system menu options for inbound dialers and associate an action to each option.

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predefined flows

Predefined Flows

Use definitive flows to create a robust IVR menu that helps you interact with clients smoothly. Choose from a wide range of reactions and develop effective and timely communication with customers.



Customize the IVR flows according to common inputs received and drive customers to conveniently initiate actions.

segmentation of calls

Segmentation of Calls

Create multi-level IVR menus to classify and answer calls from prospective clients and existing customers. Route calls quickly to respective departments to solve customer queries fast and efficiently.

easy call routing

Easy Call Routing

Set up call flows and connect multiple numbers effortlessly in a virtual extension. Route calls across your organization and set your own rules according to your requirements.

What is IVR System?

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System is a computerized phone system that helps you create an interactive interface to engage callers. Many organizations with customer support utilize this interactive voice response system in their call center software to streamline their calls and serve their customers better. Learn more about How Interactive Voice Response System Help Business

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