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Outbound Dialing

for efficinet calling

Outbound dialer allows you to dial multiple phone numbers from the database automatically and proactively connect with thousands of prospective customers.

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With PBX+ outbound dialer, save time from manual dialing and get complete control over your call and dialing experience.

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get call rnformation

Get call rnformation

Gain key insights such as call duration, number of attendees and more to provide real-time information to your agents to be in complete control.

play hold music

Play hold music

Let your caller know that they are still connected to the call by playing the hold music when you placed the call on hold.

forward calls

Forward calls

Quickly transfer the call using an outbound dialer call forwarding tool. You can forward calls to any user or number.

add calls

Add calls

Put your active call on hold and simultaneously add multiple calls with outbound dialer. Seamlessly add and connect to multiple people in one call.

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