to make calls effortlessly

Making outbound calls used to be difficult, but owing to Click2Call, it's now quick and effortless! For reference in the future, you can also record your calls.


Effortless Calls with a Quick Click-2-Call Button

By returning calls promptly, you will be able to build closer relationships with your clients

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effortless calls

Effortless Calls

Click 2 Call enables you to make calls without dialling a number or remembering a PIN.



Hovering over the button will allow you to determine whether the call was outbound or inbound before.

long-term relationship

Long-term Relationship

Having a long-term relationship shows that you are committed to the client and are interested in keeping them as satisfied customers. Additionally, this can lead to improved collaboration, productivity, and overall satisfaction.

complexity simplification

Complexity Simplification

Click 2 Call significantly enhances incoming callers' ability to reach their intended receivers while also simplifying the calling experience.

What is Click2Call?

Click-2-call is a function that allows you to make a phone call from the Business Phone System by simply pressing a button. This is useful for customer service or sales since it allows agents to call clients without having to remember or look up a phone number.

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