to improve customer service efficiency

Automate customer responses and personalize the experience with IVR. Helps to reduce the cost of human resources and provides multiple answers to multiple callers simultaneously.


Improve Customer Service with IVR

Allow businesses to create auto-attendant and intelligent call routing with IVR solutions.

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predefined flows

Predefined Flows

Communicate with callers based on their responses can be created by using IVR flows. Pre-defined flows help you choose from a wide range of reactions, save time and create effective communication between companies and their customers.



Add or edit the flows as per your business requirements. Customize the IVR flows – from complex to simple and drives customers to initiate actions as per the inputs received.

segmentation of calls

Segmentation of Calls

Route calls quickly to the specific department to solve customer queries. Create multi-level IVR menus for answering calls from prospective customers, existing customers and connection requests.

easy call routing

Easy Call Routing

Set up call flows and connects multiple numbers in a virtual extension. You can route calls anywhere in your organization and set your own rules and make changes when needed.

What is IVR ?

IVR is an automated system that allows callers to interact with a company by inputting their responses to pre-recorded questions via their keypad. This system can be used to route calls, provide information, and even take payments. Learn more about IVR System.

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