virtual pbx software

Virtual PBX Software

For Intuitive Calling

Virtual PBX and CRM integration to get the most out of your existing CRM and virtual phone system and supercharge customer relationships.

Do more than just calling

Implement virtual PBX system by PBX+ to integrate with CRM, get call transcribes and more.

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crm software integration

CRM Software Integration

Get to know your customers better and build long-lasting relationships through in-depth call management and continue to deliver high-quality customer service.

text to speech

Text to Speech

Use the built-in text-to-speech converter in your dynamic call flows to read out appropriate text, e.g. greetings or welcome notes.

call management

Call Management

Boost your productivity by managing how the customer navigates through your virtual phone system and connects with employees. Also, increase revenue by cutting down on the amount of time employees spend handling calls.

call handling

Call Handling

Manage how customers navigate your hosted PBX and connect with your employees and cut down the amount of time employees spend handling calls.

All your frequently asked questions answered

PBX phone system helps you communicate internally (within the company) and externally (with the Clients), using different communication channels like VOIP.

It allows integration with Plivo and Twilio.

You need to integrate Twilio or Plivo in your PBX account using Auth ID or Auth Token.

Yes, you need to have an active account with Twilio or Plivo.

Yes, you can send Voicemail messages using PBX plus.

Yes, you can view the number of outgoing calls you have made on a specific day.

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I find the new App exciting for companies which focus is monitoring and task oriented. Looks great! All in one go! Well done Agile!


Thank you Ronnie for your prompt support today with my email issue. Using Agile CRM has been a very pleasant experience and the product is top notch. I recommend A++.

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