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Get the most out of your existing CRM and virtual phone system and supercharge customer relationships with Virtual PBX and CRM integration.

Virtual PBX Software

Get a Virtual PBX for your Business

Implement virtual PBX system by PBXPlus to integrate with CRM, get call transcribes and more

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crm integration

CRM Integration

Get to know your customers better and build long-lasting relationships through in-depth call management and continue to deliver high-quality customer service.

call handling

Call Handling

Manage how customers navigate your hosted PBX and connect with your employees and cut down the amount of time employees spend handling calls.



Connect with your callers directly from the website by embedding code into it.

What is Virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX Software allows you to route your business phone calls over the Internet using a virtual phone system. Virtual PBX or Virtual Private Branch Exchange is software or hardware which is used to provide telephone service over the internet. Virtual PBX is an economical solution for small businesses with multiple offices. As there are no long-distance charges, it becomes an attractive option for people who need to save money on telephone service. You can also offer your employees or clients DIDs, or Direct Inward Dialing numbers, which allow them to make direct outbound calls from their desk phones without paying for long distances. Learn more about What is Virtual PBX System?

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