A Private Branch Exchange, or pbx, is a miniaturized phone connectivity system that often proves an excellent addition for any business or office. Employees, managers, and colleagues have dedicated phone connections to each other that are faster and effectively less costly to use, allowing them to keep in touch and work in step with each other.

The physical cost of components to set up and maintain such a system, however, such as routers, adapters, phone sets, and wiring, prove to be a daunting and steep cost to pay for. In addition, a typical business environment can be overwhelmed when an existing infrastructure cannot keep up with the fast-paced communication demands. Since communication between different departments and between business and associated partners is critical, having the best virtual pbx tools to help you.

virtual pbx for online business

Fortunately, new cloud-based, virtual PBX services like PBXPlus with features such as call flow automations and ivr system have emerged that can step around the requirement of setting up a physical PBX system. These offer the same strength and flexibility of a regular PBX without the hassle of a physical one and at a fraction of a cost, allowing your company to get the speed up that only an excellently convenient personal communication system can provide. Here are a few reasons why we think a Virtual PBX can hugely benefit you.

5 Reasons to Choose a Virtual PBX for Your Business

1. Ease of Setting Up

It is extremely easy to get a Virtual PBX up and running due to its plug-and-play functionality; set it up once, and it'll work reliably and comfortably for all of your employees. In addition, they'll only need a minimal amount of instruction to use their new phone system effectively.

Additionally, suppose you have a prior physical PBX infrastructure already set up. In that case, a Virtual PBX can easily interface with it, letting you keep your previous usage habits and training and outfitting with a powerful new system upgrade to make it even faster than it was before.

This is a huge plus point to keep in mind when considering virtual PBX tools for your business, as setting up and deploying a whole new infrastructure is a costly investment. It is even more so if you already have one in place and you need to discard it. This not only adds to the cost of resources required to implement but is also a waste of time and effort. However, with the interfacing capabilities of virtual PBX tools, your existing PBX infrastructure doesn't go to waste. Instead, you can upgrade it to make it even better.

Reasons of Virtual PBX For Business

2. Scalability

A Virtual PBX is an massively valuable tool equally for both small-scale offices and large organizations. Moreover, since the network does not require a lot of specialized hardware and man-hours to set up new nodes and connections, it's easy to create entirely new branches in your network.

This also extends in the features and functionalities that you require for your offices; it is just as easy to tune the functionality up or down depending on what you need. Pick and choose your favorite options as you see fit, and expand or contract your office's internal phone network as you need.

Many physical PBX solutions don't offer this benefit, or more accurately, can't offer this. In addition, since the hardware has to be manufactured by some company and sourced by another, the customer's cost is significantly more.

This is especially the case when you consider the scalability of physical PBX solutions. As your business grows, you need to invest more to extend your existing infrastructure. As time passes, you need to upgrade the obsolete hardware to avail of the newest features.

All of this squeezes more capital out of your business. We all know that this is not a sustainable plan. On the other hand, a Virtual PBX tool such as PBXPlus by 500apps is a SaaS application, and it's a well-known fact that digital tools scale way better than physical hardware. If you need to expand or upgrade your pbx system infrastructure, it'll be several times more convenient, easy, and less costly as opposed to the other option.

3. Budget-friendly

As the world of IT receives more and more investment and starts producing advancements in all fields of consumer and office software technology, the cost and quality of Virtual PBX systems improve appreciably. Alongside being a great improvement over traditional PBX systems, a virtual PBX is a fraction of a cost. It owes its massive reduction in price to a lack of necessary physical hardware for hosting and supporting an in-house PBX. All of your hosting, networking, and connectivity is handled on the cloud, maintained by trustworthy service hosts boasting the best expertise in cloud-based server technology. Moreover, since your business does not have to invest valuable capital in purchasing reliable hardware for deployment and upgrades, you can save an astronomical amount in the long-run.

Budget Friendly Virtual PBX

4. Maintenance

Your business does not need to worry about keeping a virtual PBX in check as much as it might need to for an in-house PBX hardware and software system. The cloud pbx is hosted by an external service, keeping an eye out for any and all problems that arise and moving swiftly to fix them. Every hassle that is encountered by a physical PBX system, such as a need to update and upgrade your system, adding new routing between nodes in your network, adjusting VoIP codecs, etc. is entirely taken care of by the excellent support service that a virtual PBX, such as PBXplus offers.

You won't need to hire and keep dedicated IT staff to ensure the day-to-day running of your virtual PBX systems. The overall costs for maintenance are negligible, and you can focus more on your business goals than worry about making sure the infrastructure doesn't crash out of the blue someday.

5. Quality

A Virtual PBX offers many advantages in functions, quality, security, and redundancy over a regular PBX system. Things such as call control, call forwarding and queueing, voice menus, text to speech, call flow management, etc. may have required extensive time, effort, and money to set up previously, but a Virtual PBX service offers them as a given, reducing friction in your in-office connectivity and allowing your company to run smoothly.

Call encryption is also an intrinsic feature of Virtual PBX services. No one outside of you and the person you are connecting to is able to listen in on your call, making your system safe and secure. Any data hosted by the server, such as internal networks and phonebooks, are kept safe in case of failure.

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