Text to Speech

to translate text into the voice from anywhere

Convert text messages and play them in multiple languages to understand what the customer needs. Get real-time insights from the aspect of speech synthesis.

Text to Speech

Convert Text Messages into Voice with Text to Speech

Translate unlimited text-based messages received via emails into speech on a tap and suitable for businesses of any size

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reach worldwide

Reach Worldwide

Send recorded messages across to landlines, phones, or emails and widen your reach. Make an understanding of a caller behavior and send relevant voice messages to drive customers to your business.

multi-language support

Multi-language Support

PBX phone system supports multiple languages. Based on the demographic data, localize your business by sending recorded messages that are converted into text.

custom integration

Custom Integration

Integrate voice calls and text-to-speech into any environment. Identify the goals and requirements to send text-to-speech in less time along with uncompromised quality.

What is Text-to-speech?

Text-to-speech is a technology that converts written text into an audio file that can be listened to. The words spoken through a text-to-speech system are generated by a synthesized voice, which is usually created to sound like a person's voice but doesn't actually need to be human. Text-to-speech is not the same as listening to an audiobook. An audiobook has already been recorded and uploaded elsewhere. Text-to-speech will read out what you write on your phone or computer screen aloud so that you can listen to it through headphones or speakers.

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