What is Virtual PBX Software?

Virtual PBX Software, also called cloud PBX software, is an affordable and scalable telephone system for any size business. We offer a fully-hosted solution that works on any device and can be scaled to fit your needs.


Get unlimited phone lines, IVR flows and minutes and never miss a single call


Improve caller satisfaction while reducing cost with multi-level IVRs


Add call activities and route calls real-time based on the lead owner in your CRM


Respond to customer concerns quickly with voicemail transcriptions


Choose toll-free and local numbers from 48+ countries


Use the REST step to integrate your IVR flow with your database and backend


Embed click-to-call widget on the website to increase leads


Unbelievable pricing - the lowest you will ever find


Everything your business needs - 50 apps, 24/5 support and 99.95% uptime

What Makes the Best Business Phone System?

One of the best innovations so far is the use of mobile telephones. Individual and business organizations can now reach out to their friends, associates, and customers anywhere in the world.

As an individual, your call activity might not be as enormous and encompassing as businesses. However, if you run a business that deals with a large number of customers or you operate a call center, you need to invest in your call-related operations. One of those investments is the use of Virtual PBX software.

The Virtual pbx software is an essential tool to make the job easier for your customer service or support, call center agents, and response/ emergency team.

Virtual PBX Software

What is this Virtual PBX software?

Virtual PBX software is a tool that provides a cloud-based phone solution to corporate organizations and businesses. Virtual PBX combines cloud-based software and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). This combination helps to make call-related operations more accessible, faster, and orderly. As a result, people sometimes refer to it as the hosted phone system, cloud PBX, or hosted PBX.

Virtual PBX is mainly for communication activities. The virtual pbx software allows the subscribers to host their call activities on the cloud. You can make and receive calls using IP-enabled devices and transmit the voice message over an internet connection. The entire process takes place within data centers. These data centers are stored within the cloud and are connected to the Internet.

The virtual PBX software allows you to streamline communications, automate calls, and provide 24-hour responses to your callers. In addition, the software will enable you to connect with callers from different ends and modify the call activities. These modifications include call forwarding, call recording, speed dialing, call routing, and a host of others.

PBX Software

I have compared several software to make it easier for you when choosing a Virtual PBX software. The best among them is the PBXplus by project500apps. You might be wondering why I regard it as the best; let's go straight into it.

PBXPlus has features and tools such as call forwarding, call flows, and call routing. The visual builder tool allows you to build simple to complex call flows using the graphic drag-and-drop designer. You can forward calls to other extensions at different terminals and from one agent to another. You can escalate the call to the technical support team for further check.

PBXPlus virtual PBX software also allows small and medium businesses to automate calls. With the call automation feature, you can create, manage and customize call flows to suit your business needs and requirements. You can use the Drag and drop visual builder in your PBXplus for this call automation.

In addition, your customer service agent can redirect and divert incoming calls to other agents. Sometimes, an agent might be on another call, yet another call comes in to conclude with the caller. Instead of keeping the caller waiting, you can divert the call to an idle agent.

PBXPlus has an advanced IVR system that allows you to build a list of menu options. This menu option enables your callers or customers to choose what they need or how they want their queries resolved. This menu option is self-service, easy to use, and self-explanatory.

Virtual PBX Software Features

Managing and sorting voice mails sent by customers might be a tedious task for medium and large call centers. However, PBXPlus virtual PBX software is handy and can come to the user's rescue. You can download, arrange and listen to the voicemails dropped by callers. You can set the software to automatically download the voicemail as they come in and list them in chronological order. In addition, You can forward the message content of the voicemail via email or add it as an attachment to your mail.

Did you know you can convert text into voice messages using PBXPlus? Not only that, but you can also change the language of the message while converting it to text. In addition to that, you can change the tone of the voice message.


PBXPlus is the best cloud PBX software. With this virtual PBX software, you are assured of solid network coverage at every location. You can take your telephone system to any location and ensure uninterrupted data transmission to and from the data center.

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