Virtual Phone Numbers

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Quick and easy set up and manage virtual numbers for your business with virtual phone numbers management software.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Connected to your Customers with Virtual Phone Numbers

Add new numbers, change call flows and use virtual phone numbers so your customers are sure to reach you each and every time they call.

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number management

Number Management

Bring your own carrier including popular ones such as Twilio, Nexmo, or Asterisk to save costs and not worry about minutes or top-ups. Search, match, and purchase virtual phone numbers by navigating to the payment gateway of the integrated service providers, e.g. Twilio, Plivo, etc.

integrate new numbers

Integrate New Numbers

Assign your call flow to any new virtual phone numbers you acquire, making it a long-term solution for any growing business. Boost your team's efficiency by assigning personal numbers to each employee so that they can continue to create personalized experiences for your customers.

What is Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual Phone Number is a telephone number that can be forwarded to any other existing landline or cell phone. It's identical to a regular phone number, except it isn't tied down to one specific location (or carrier). Virtual numbers are great for various reasons. For one, if you have multiple locations but only want to have one phone number for the public, another being when you don't want your personal cell or home line tied down with business calls. A virtual phone number provides businesses with an affordable way for them to receive their calls without having to use up all their trunk lines. Businesses also have the flexibility of adding more lines as they need them without having to pay for expensive physical line installation.

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