Creating Call Flows to Route Calls

Creating Call Flows to Route Calls

Call flows are logics that you define for your phone system. By using the PBXPlus visual builder, you can easily create call flow automation. Simply drag and drop the call flow controls as you want to build your flow based on your business requirements.

In the visual builder, there is a list of all powerful steps. Begin from selecting the desired steps, you can drag and drop them into the designer or simply click. Menu step has multiple output options, for example Press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 0 for operator or 9 for dial by name directory.

  • PBXPlus allows you to connect the steps using the connectors.
  • Start By connecting the first step to start Node.
  • You can connect only from the output of one step to the input of the next steps..
  • It allows you to rename any node using the text box.
  • Click on the document icon to edit any Step
  • Click on the close icon to remove any step.
  • It allows you to remove any connection between steps, clicking on the delete button on the connector.

This video shows how you can create custom call flows based on your needs and business organization for a customer/client or any caller to be guided to the right direction. You will learn how to understand, use and connect various nodes in the designer or flow builder like - Menu, Play media, Text to speech, Find me, Dial by name, Voicemail, etc..