Benefits of Using Virtual PBX System

A cloud-based PBX system solution is a new concept which businesses are adopting at a faster rate. It’s important to understand the massive benefits that virtual PBX software offers and how effective they are when it comes to growing your customer service further.

Here are some amazing advantages of using a virtual PBX software solution:


The major importance of having a virtual, or hosted, the cloud-based PBX system is that you don’t have to worry about deploying hardware as your entire phone-system is handled by a virtual solution. Most of the virtual PBX systems come with a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model that allows you to pay for the services that you use.

Cost effective virtual pbx software

On top of it, your PBX system is free from any geographical limitations. This makes it an even healthier option for businesses as you don’t have to invest massively in building up dedicated departments like call centers.

PBX system solutions come with plans that offer unlimited calls that result in reducing the average cost per call and thus also reduces the entire capital expenditure or CapEx on a business phone system.


Unlike the traditional PBX system, virtual PBX gives you a massive advantage over setting up and deploying the phone system. The traditional system might take up to a few weeks to fully deploy all the system peripherals to ensure the service is working fine. Whereas, cloud-based virtual PBX becomes ready for use in just a few hours.

As everything in virtual PBX is software-based, setting up phone lines and build call flows is also extremely easy. Upgradation and maintenance also happen quickly as vendors provide 24x7 customer service.


One of the biggest advantages of using a virtual PBX phone system is its ability to let your team members work from any location. Using virtual PBX, you can always take and make calls using your VoIP phones. If you are in transit, you can divert your calls to your own phone and answer calls directly.

It also allows your customers to either call through toll-free numbers like 1800, 0800, etc. or call from the software-based phone system.

Voice Call Quality

Since its evolution, the voice quality of calls going through virtual PBX has increased significantly thanks to high internet speeds, robust compression rates, and an overall improvement in service quality.

Voice call virtual pbx software

To make sure that there’s no disturbance in this flow and to improve call quality even further, service providers have also come up with their own fiber broadband technology.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitoring is the key when it comes to making data-driven decisions. The virtual PBX phone system helps you collect and analyze data for performance improvement and get insights into call management.

All this information is available in a statistical but in an eye-pleasing way. It’s available in pie charts, bar graphs, etc. to help you consume it in an easier manner.

The reporting tool also helps you organize and store the information so that it can be accessed anytime.


Security is arguably the most important benefit that virtual PBX software offers. It’s the responsibility of your service provider to ensure that there are world-class security measures in place to secure your cloud-based PBX system.

In the cloud-based PBX system, it’s quite easy to deploy firewall systems, security patches, and software upgrades that make sure the security of your system is intact. There could be other security algorithms that your vendor may incorporate into your virtual PBX system to make sure it’s even secure.


Any software that businesses leverage has to be robustly scalable in order to meet the changing demands of the business. Your tool should also scale up and down according to your business needs which go up when the time is right and go down when there’s contraction.

The virtual PBX system easily meets these requirements of the business. When you’re starting up you can manage fewer lines and make sure that your phone system is acting the way you want.

On the other side, you can develop more lines once your business starts to grow to improve your customer interactions, which results in improving both customer satisfaction and retention.

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